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Right to Work is Wrong for Michigan

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Middle class Michiganders: teachers, nurses, firefighters, construction workers, seniors, students, and small business owners. 

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Protecting Michigan’s middle class and stopping Lansing politicians from passing so-called “Right to Work” legislation. 

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What we’re talking about

Tell Sen. Richardville: “Right to Work” Is Wrong for Michigan

November 28, 2012

A group of right-wing politicians in Lansing want to push through a harmful “right to work” bill in Michigan. In states that have passed so-called “right to work” laws, wages
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Michigan Clergy oppose ‘Right to Work” legislation

October 24, 2011

Leading Christian and Jewish clergy from Michigan spoke out against attacks on hard-working Michiganders and reaffirmed long-standing religious commitments to working people. At a press conference at Sacred Heart Catholic
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Rep. Mike Shirkey gives false information about “Right To Work”

October 17, 2011

Rep. Mike Shirkey gives false information about so called “Right To Work” laws During an interview with “Off The Record” Shirkey said no auto plants have been built in Michigan
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What’s Wrong With Right To Work

September 20, 2011

From the fantastic Economic Policy Institute report: “If states rely on wage-cutting right-to-work laws as a strategy for attracting outside manufacturers, there is a danger that, by undermining wage standards
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